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insurance through the marketplaces really are. ultimately this website. healthcare.gov will be the easiest way to shop for and buy the new plan. you can see all the plans next to each other. compare prices and see -- what kind of coverage it provides. but -- look. there is no denying it. right now the website is too slow. too many people have gotten stuck. and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care. and they're trying to figure out how they can -- sign up as quickly as possible. so there is no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it every day. every day. >> and the president responded to the controversy about people who are losing their existing health plans. >> it is also true that some americans who have health insurance plans that they bought on their own through the old individual market are getting notices from their insurance companies suggesting that somehow because affordable care act they may be losing their existing health insurance plans. this has been the latest
, in the meantime -- >> the rocky rollout of healthcare.gov. >> the website hasn't work ed te way it's supposed to. >> i have a constituent that received this cancellation letter. >> my constituents can't keep their health care plan. >> a subpar policy. >> ever since the law was passed, you got to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage. >> how frustrated is he? >> we're in this together. we'll see it through. >> we need to delay the mandate tax. we need to fix this problem. >> it's been a rough couple weeks in washington. >> the shutdown was so magnificent, run beautifully. i'm so proud of these republicans. >> it's an american horror story politically. >> happy halloween. >> now that raphael call me ted cruz, he might need to get his father to tone it down, too. >> the attacks not just come from the liberals. the attacks come from the other side too. all these republicans in name only. washington is not used to what they have seen with senator ted cruz. as a matter of fact, one of those rhinos came to him within the first months like that saying, now, look, you're a junior senator. you'
on the website, healthcare.gov. yes, a mess to begin with. any one who has done this, who can see how quickly they're crunching through this, you have got to take your hat off to them. a lot of man hours going in right now. >> robert reich. ironic that the story that has come along to, kind of -- oversthad dough possibly, helpfully in a way for the obama administration, the website problem is this story abut, people are losing health insurance. that here we have the launch of the affordable care act. and the, the story that is leading the news now is people, losing health insurance. the president just explained its a kind of gross oversimplification of what is actually happening. >> well, not only an oversimplification, lawrence, but also, it is tear bleep misleading. i mean that -- it is terribly misleading. i mean that 5% of americans in the private insurance market. half have been losing their health insurance every year. the private insurance market, the insurance premiums, co-payments and deductibles have been taking huge leaps, 15%, 20% increases every year. so all that the affordable c
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)